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Curriculum and assessments

We have spent years developing and updating a curriculum with a JCE qualified teacher. Each worksheet, song, theme, and activity has been carefully created and sourced to be age-appropriate and all are filed accordingly.

In order for each age group to be doing work that is aligned to the group that is younger or older than them, it is important that the curriculum is coordinated and distributed by one person. Many of the children using this curriculum have gone on to excellent primary schools and have done very well.

There are two components to being school ready, namely:
• Academic readiness; and
• Emotional readiness.

Each child develops at their own pace. Regular communication between home and school is important to facilitate school readiness in terms of both of the above-mentioned aspects.

Our key principles, values and methodologies describe the core values and principles that must be
practised and modelled in order for a child to be emotionally school ready. Evaluations are essential in identifying any problems that a child may have. It is also useful in designing an independent development plan (IDP). The IDP includes both academic and social skills that need to continue to be developed in order to be school-ready. The IDP also outlines how this will be achieved.

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