I have had great experiences with the creche. My daughter has been with the creche for 3 years now and I have had no reason for her to change.

They have guided and helped her through the different stages and she will be ready for Grade R next year.

The staff is wonderful and my child has received the greatest care. Exceptional work from the entire staff and they pay proper attention to my child's needs.

Thank you!!

~Karabo's mom

 Having Waterfall Kids Academy on the premises was more than just a convenience, in terms of location and suiting our work schedule, especially since we had to make use of the facility when our son was only 4 months old.

Being able to visit him frequently was incredibly comforting and made it so much easier to adjust back into the working environment. It also hugely assists when the little ones are not well and you know you're nearby.

The teachers and staff have been nothing but friendly, caring, loving and also very

 accommodating to ensure all our needs but most importantly that our son's needs were seen to.

We received daily feedback and were also immediately notified of any concerns if and when necessary.

 The low child to teacher ratio ensured ample attention and development, and all the expected baby milestones were achieved, which was very important to us.

Thank you for taking such great care of our little guy, I know he will miss you all dearly.


My son Nivaan was under the care of Odette and a loving team of teachers from the age of 3 months until 20 months.

The teachers went above and beyond to comfort Nivaan and assist in providing a loving, nurturing environment through extremely difficult personal circumstances. This was above the normal duties. The cost of the school was extremely reasonable when compared to the teaching and care that Nivaan received.

I would like to sincerely thank Odette and the team.


My experience with Waterfall Kids has been most pleasant. My husband and I are very happy to send our child (Skyelar) to your school. We also are very happy with all your staff! as well as with the service you provide. My daughter loves going to school!


~Lisa Spear

We just want to convey our appreciation for the time Gabe spent at Waterfall Kids

 Academy. In the 2 years, he was there, he has grown not only in size but developed all-round socially, physically and cognitively.

He formed lovely bonds with the staff. No one cooks as well as Florence does and Teacher Mandy was his caring school mom. They were always accommodating and did whatever they could to make him feel safe and welcome.

Accommodating Gabe's big sister, Belle during holidays or whenever she needed supervision made things so much easier for me.

Waterfall Kids Academy will be remembered fondly by all of us.


I'm generally happy with the difference the creche has made in our lives. Bahumi, though naturally busy, is pleasantly independent and I hope it will enable him to learn freely as he progresses without any self-doubt or inhibition.

The teachers are a marvel and it's a pity we can't take them home with us. I look forward to getting whatever material that can help me nurture his progress. So far we are trying to read though, not every day and listen to simple sing-along songs as one can tell that he has grasped some melodies, which is so adorable.

Thanks again Odette. We love WKA.


~Bahumi"s mom

I am just so grateful for the support from Waterfall Kids academy. The staff has been amazing. I cannot thank you enough.


~Rethabiles mom