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  • What are the benefits of creche versus keeping my child at home?
    With the recent lockdown many children that would have started school earlier are starting school for the first time at age two. It is very important for your child to develop social skills, which they learn from playing with other kids. At Waterfall Kids Academy we will nurture your child academically and emotionally, so that they are school ready.
  • How many meals are provided per day?
    Two complete meals are provided per day - for breakfast and lunch. And then there is a snack provided twice a day.
  • What will my child learn at school?
    We have spent years developing and updating a CAPS aligned curriculum with a JCE qualified teacher. Each worksheet, song, theme, and activity has been carefully created and sourced to be age-appropriate and all are filed accordingly. There are two components to being school ready, namely academic readiness and emotional readiness. Regular feeback will be given to parents on the progress of your child.
  • What time does the school open and close each day?
    The school opens at 6:45 and closes at 17:30 on weekdays. Classes start at 8am.
  • Is the creche open during school holidays?
    Yes, school is open on school holidays but no classes are taught during this time. School is closed on public holidays, and will close mid-December until January each year.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    We understand that parents like to budget for their children’s needs without the hassle of unexpected expenses. Therefore, what you pay each month is all that you will have to pay. There will be no additional surprises apart from the Grade R Graduation. Complete meals, stationery and toiletries are included in the rate of R2980 per month.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    Yes there is a sibling discount, the rate per sibling is R2880 per child.
  • Do you offer transport?
    We do not offer transport, however we are happy to refer you to our preferred transport providers.
  • What should I pack for my child on the first day?
    On your child's first day, please pack your childs school bag with a blanket, a water bottle and a change of clothes.
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